Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Was that the doorbell...

It has been so beautiful here we have been spending most of our time outside. For that reason I have pretty much neglected the house and the laundry... At least that is my excuse for today ;)

Someone please tell me that your house is not spotless everyday! That because you have kids you too have to pick clothes off of the floor and try to remember if they just came out of the dryer of off a kiddo... does sweeping and mopping HAVE to be a daily chore... that you too also trip over toys or kitchen cups that weren't in the floor a minute ago when you first came through the living room...

If you can relate yay!!! I am not alone. I know when we have company we put our best face forward, which includes the house. But what about the other days of the week? How many people are really ready for a drop-by visitor right now at this moment? I am sweating just thinking about my doorbell ringing! hahaha!

Who are those people that have everything in their place? I mean the Renfrow's are trying but seriously? I'm talking about the women with toddlers or any age kid for that matter that keeps her house presentable at all times!!! Where are you? Do you have help like a house keeper each week (i need her number... and you don't count!!!) do you take speed or drink 40 redbulls a day to keep up???

I miss Kim and Joyce from Stigler!!!!!!!! (they were my mom's house keepers that would come up to Owasso and take over my house when I got overwhelmed... there is no one like them... no one)

Last week I could see a light at the end of the tunnel on our house... I mean we were so close!!! Today is another day... another mess... but I love it.

Well, enough of that for today. Let me know!!! Are you ready for a visitor at the door?

We'll be outside in the back yard so if our door bell rings... we won't be able to hear it ;)

Who could tell these faces no????


  1. Aunt Robyn says......

    Even when I know I'm having company I'm still not ready and mine are all grown!!!! Your'e not alone!!!!!!

  2. How funny, I told Kim the other day you wanted to know if she and Joyce would make a trip to Austin that you really miss them. She just laughed and said Well I don't know thats a little far....

  3. Here are the comments from facebook... Thanks ya'll!!!

    Kristen Diven Wilson Amen...we are right there with ya...but I think the Stover's are doorbell ready at any moment...I don't know how she does it, ha! : )
    Yesterday at 4:45pm ·

    Robyn Hunter Even when I know I'm having company....I'm still not ready and all of mine are grown!!!! Never ending!!!
    Yesterday at 4:55pm ·

    Heather Allen Morrison when the doorbell rings, I start shoving stuff in closets!
    Yesterday at 5:14pm ·

    Brooke Kasbaum hilarious and SOOOOOOOO true!!
    Yesterday at 5:41pm ·

    Cathy Rice Earles The house and laundry can wait...your kids need you more!
    11 hours ago ·

  4. I thought I was the only one who ends up in a panic at times. :-) Spring Break Week = No Daycare = Work From Home = Destroyed House and 1/2 done work! Oh, well...

    Jennifer Van Gilder