Monday, March 22, 2010

911 what is your emergency...

Like I have said many times there is never a dull moment at the Renfrow home. Today was not any different.

While finishing up breakfast this morning Izzy decided to take a nose dive head first off of her bar stool. She caught herself with her forehead on the very hard ceramic tile about 3 feet below... I heard the mother of all thuds... the kind that makes your stomach turn. I ran around the breakfast bar and scooped her up in my arms to see that her head had a dent in it the size of a golf ball. I thought I was seeing things... I remained calm and rocked her to calm her down. But the more I looked at it the more I grew concerned. I checked again to make sure I had seen correctly... and yes... it looked as though her for head had caved in like someone hit her in the head with a hammer. No blood thank goodness but she was still screaming.

I picked up the phone and called Garth to tell him to come home immediately, I was going to hang up and call 911. And I did.

Izzy was screaming so loud it took the operator and I a couple of runs on what had happened and our address.

Before I knew it the Fire Department was at our door.

By this point Izzy had calmed down and indention in her forehead had started to fill with blood and puff out. She barely let the fireman check her eyes but after much coercing she finally allowed it. Once she warmed up to them they decided that she was going to be fine and we could choose to ride in the Ambulance or drive ourselves to our doctor. Since Garth was on his way we chose to see our own pediatrician. The fireman gave Izzy and Sophia parting gifts of fireman tattoos and stickers and they were off to the next emergency. I'm sure with a pretty good laugh... when they were taking down our information they asked Izzy's birthday and I told them April 31, 2007... he just looked at me and I said it again... then I realized... there are not 31 days in April and she was not born on the 31... she was born on the 30!!!! Wow, who hit their head again???? They just laughed and said they wouldn't tell anyone. Oh my.

After a quick phone call to the ped. and instructions from the nurse we began our day of observation. Izzy immediately said she was tired and went to bed... which the nurse said was typical and to allow. Then she was up for the doctors appointment. The doctor said she did feel the indention but she did not think there was a fracture. She pushed on Izzy's head so hard and the tough girl she is just kind of pushed her hand away gently. I have figured out through all of these minor emergency's that Izzy has a high pain threshold. Which brings me to where we are now...

After the doctors appointment we came home and she had a quick bite to eat and then back down for another nap. Lots of napping, which worries me. I have been monitoring her movements while she sleeps and going in to check on her every hour or so.

She has spent most of the day napping and taking it easy. She has said quite a few times that her noggin hurts and she doesn't feel good... poor thing. She finally ate a sandwich and chicken nuggets around 9 this evening. Seeing her eat the food and then dance around the living room made me feel better. She seemed to be more herself.

She is now sleeping in her bed and I am sure I will be up all night checking on her.

Please keep her in your prayers that she continues to feel good and that there will be no complications... that she feels better and has her appetite and spirits up tomorrow.

The spot on her forehead now is about the size of a ping-pong ball. It really doesn't look too bad but I'm sure it will get darker over the next few days. I tried to get a pic but she wouldn't stay still long enough... which is a good thing.

PS... the bar stool is now put away and we will be having ALL meals at the table.

She is so tough!

I would also like to thank my neighbor Laura who called when she saw the Fire truck and offered to stay with whichever girl wasn't injured. This was the sweetest gesture from someone I think I have only gotten to speak to a few times. I am saying many prayers of thanks tonight and one of them is for her and the phone call.


  1. wow...this parenting stuff has its fair share of scary moments. I'm glad she's okay. I'm also thankful for your sweet neighbor.

  2. I hope she feels better soon Nat!! Giver her kisses from all of us!! We love you guys!!

  3. that is so scary! but I'm so glad to hear she seems to be ok now... poor baby!