Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Find Friday...

Garth just finished his first marathon and I just finished my first 5k. During Garth's run he carried quite a few things with him; snacks, phone and ipod. When I ran the 5k I carried my iphone for music. Both of us used a SPIBELT. I thought it was pretty handy dandy! Once snapped on it does not move! It expands to hold tons of stuff for long runs, hikes or bike rides. I think the best part of it is it is NOT bulky... I mean I didn't feel like a tourist wearing a big fanny-pack! You can tuck it under your shirt and no one knows it's there. I am going to start using it when we go to the park with the girls, pack it with my keys, iphone and money!

The SPIBELT is American made here in Austin, Texas. They have other neat products but this is the one we have tried. If you race a lot they also have attachments for your race number sheets called racers. I think Garth needs some of these ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

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