Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun Find Friday...

Okay girls Spring is around the corner and we are all so excited to break out those new cute and sassy sandals right? But I, for one, am not looking forward to breaking in my feet... you know the blisters that come with all of those cute strappy styles? I have found the miracle must-have that will save your toes, heels, ankles or any other place that might be affected by this epidemic! It is the BAND-AID® Brand ACTIV-FLEX BLISTER BLOCK® Stick!


I have actually tested this out on some cute zebra print slides I got at the outlet store this past fall. I could tell they were going to pinch my heels and rub a blister so I applied the Blister Block to the areas I was worried about and it worked! It worked so well in fact I decided the next time maybe the shoes weren't so bad and I could wear them without the Blister Block... WRONG!!! I still have the marks on my feet to prove it... very painful... there was blood... but I looked cute... so it was worth it right!?!? Oh the price we women pay ;)

Anyway, I plan on using it this Spring with the girls to prevent the blisters forming from their cute, cute sandals!!!

I purchased the Blister Block from Target but here is a link to get a coupon from Band-Aid

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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