Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Running in the house...

Well, this past Friday when Travis and Kinsey were visiting. Izzy was playing chase with one of them running as fast as she could to get away. I was listening to her laugh and sream... laugh and scream... and then splat!!!!! SIGH!!! Deep breath...CRYYYYYYYYY!!!
Because she is 2 and hasn't quite mastered her skills of running full speed in the house she somehow tripped and landed mouth first on the ceramic tile. By the time she got to me she had stopped crying. She said she fell and had a booboo on her hands, knee and mouth. Thankfully there was no blood! About 15 minutes later we decided to have apples and she opened her mouth to take a bite and there they were... TWO chipped middle teeth...
Today was our dentist appointment and Izzy did awesome as usual, she loves the dentist. The orders are to watch for discoloration in the two teeth and then we will go back in a few weeks to file down the edges of the teeth. I think we narrowly escaped an even bigger disaster here... We are chasing a lot slower these days.


  1. I thought her tooth looked chipped the other day in the park pictures, but I didn't want to say anything... OOPs

  2. Oh man! I must say though that little chipped tooth grin is precious! Love you guys!

  3. Did you know Max has 2 chipped teeth too? Nick also had one of his front teeth chipped when he was little. I think this is why they have baby teeth, so they have a "second chance."