Wednesday, March 31, 2010

O what a beautiful morning...

We met the Hamby ladies this morning at Zilker Park for a train ride and park time. The weather was just perfect. Izzy and Olivia played so good together and had a blast going up and down the slides. The highlight of the park was the train...

Since this was an Austin Adventure we got souvenir conductor hats, train whistles and bandannas.

Izzy said... "All aboard!!"

Our friend Olivia with her train whistle... so cute

Izzy driving the Zilker Park Fire truck

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Lately I have been reflecting on our decision to move to Austin, Texas. I remember when Garth came home and mentioned that ONEOK had an “opportunity” available in Austin. He was going to interview for the position just to see what it was all about. That was in July of 2008. Not until October 8, the day Sophia was born, standing in the hospital with our 8-hour old newborn, did Garth receive confirmation that he was being offered the position. What a whirlwind of emotions!! He did not accept immediately, he still had small details to work out and he had never even been to Austin. Road Trip (for him)! When Garth returned from his first visit to Austin, just by the look on his face I knew we were going to be changing our address. So in January 2009 we made the move.

It has been an adventure to say the least. There have definitely been times when we desperately needed our old support system of friends and family. There have been times when I have dragged by heals regarding getting out to meet new friends and fully embrace the move. It took all summer, but I finally started to accept Austin as our home. We have spent much of our time together as a family, and for that we are a much stronger couple and we have become even better friends (if that was possible). I have also had the opportunity to stay at home with my girls. Stay At Home Mom is not a title I would wear well… but I love it. I finally have gotten used to Austin traffic, Austin weather, and I can match local news anchors to their respective stations. I know some of the best places to eat, and I’ve been out on 6th Street! We have met many wonderful new friends, and even Izzy has her own circle of friends.

In Austin, possibly due to the city’s culture of fitness and wellbeing, we have started eating much healthier, became much more active, and found what may be the best workout facility in the world….CrossFit Central. The coaches and fellow CrossFfitters have helped shape our ideas about what kind of life we want to live….as partners, as parents, and as members of a community. We signed up for a one-year membership to CrossFit Central, mainly because that is as long as they allow. We truly feel blessed to have this experience at this time in our lives and hope to continue this lifelong commitment to staying healthy and fit. I know that without CrossFit I would not have pulled myself out of my slump. They have inspired me to set goals for myself I never believed possible after two babies and two c-sections. Prayer to God and going to CrossFit Central has brought me back to life…

God has opened many doors for our family through Garth’s career with ONEOK. We have always listened and prayed for guidance on making the best decisions for our family. The decision to move down to Austin has been both the toughest and best decision we have made together. We are without a doubt so much better for it.


Another “opportunity” has presented itself for Garth’s career, an opportunity that he has happily accepted and one that will again change our address. When we first heard of this opportunity, without many additional details, we wondered where it might take us? Where does ONEOK operate? Kansas City? Oklahoma City? Tulsa? Was it something new in Austin? (I secretly hoped)

Again Garth took a road trip and when he returned I knew by the look on his face we were going… I didn’t know where but his face said it all.

It is so bittersweet, just as we have found our place in Austin it is now time to make a new place for our family. Garth will begin traveling almost immediately and I will stay here with the girls. Because I have found such good friends here I will try to stay through the first of June, to give myself some time to get used to the idea of moving again. We are very excited and at the same time I am typing through tears. My youngest Sophia is a TEXAN she has lived 15 months out of the 17 of her life so far in Texas… and Izzy has spent half of her life in Texas. It is really all they know. There are so many things that we haven’t done here yet and we have to hurry and complete our list…. Pictures with the bluebonnets were one. We will make the most of the time we have left and live every day as an adventure in Austin before it is time to leave. I have said many times since we moved here that I feel like we are on vacation… well the vacation seems to be coming to a close.

That being said, without further adieu, if you click the play button you will find out our new destination…

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets...

Well we attempted to take some pictures amidst the Texas Bluebonnets today. Our friend Jackie came along and snapped some great pics of the family. Once that was done the girls had had enough and they were off in their own little world here is the best family pic and a few of the girls...


We spent the entire day in the yard pulling weeds! The girls helped a little but Garth and I did the majority of the work... those girls are such slackers!!

Then Saturday evening I went to an all girls hot tub and wine party. It was a wonderful night for it. A few drinks and a lot of laughs! I can't wait for our next get together.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Find Friday...

I am so excited to watch the premiere of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution tonight on ABC. I can't wait to watch and find out great tips on what NOT to feed my girls. I am hoping that this show will serve as a guide on how to make better choices for my girls and my family that could ultimately affect our quality of life for the better.

I think it is a pretty big deal when Network television is devoting almost two hours to the severe problem our nation is facing... childhood obesity, the rise in type 2 diabetes (which includes children) and the food we are feeding ourselves.

We have to educate ourselves and our children about the food we are eating and where it comes from...

Check your local listings for start times... set your DVR's!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

settling in...

I just wanted to share this great note that a new friend of mine posted on my FaceBook page... it just made my day.
It has taken me awhile to embrace this town and community but I am finding life long friends here as well. God has blessed us in so many ways and I am thankful for every single one.

Jackie Bayerl Kort Wrote:

Make new friends but keep the old,
One is silver and the other gold.

A circle's round, it has no end,
That's how long I want to be your friend.

5 hours ago · ·
Jackie Bayerl Kort
Jackie Bayerl Kort
To one of my new friends. Good old Girl Scout songs!
4 hours ago ·
Jenna Bolton Edstrom
Jenna Bolton Edstrom
I love being one of your friends, Jackie! You are such a great person! :-)
2 hours ago ·

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Izzy update...

I am pretty sure she is back to herself. Today went really great and she played like normal. Our only problem now is that I think she has become just a little bit spoiled over the last couple of days. Oh well, I am so thankful for that little girl.

Tonight is a short post. I am exhausted from cleaning the house today and then going to tonights WOD.

I will say I have finally gotten my house to a point where I am doorbell ready. That's if someone stopped by right now. Once the girls wake up in the morning it will be an entirely different story.

Have a great night all!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do something...

Izzy did great today. I think she is pretty much back to herself, big bruise and all ;)

It was a beautiful day today and we were out in it most of the day. When the girls went down for their nap I did a little net surfing and came across these two videos that truly inspired me.

If you watch these videos and don't feel the need to move... to do something... anything... check your pulse ;)

Women's Challenge from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

The Movement - A Short Film from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

Monday, March 22, 2010

911 what is your emergency...

Like I have said many times there is never a dull moment at the Renfrow home. Today was not any different.

While finishing up breakfast this morning Izzy decided to take a nose dive head first off of her bar stool. She caught herself with her forehead on the very hard ceramic tile about 3 feet below... I heard the mother of all thuds... the kind that makes your stomach turn. I ran around the breakfast bar and scooped her up in my arms to see that her head had a dent in it the size of a golf ball. I thought I was seeing things... I remained calm and rocked her to calm her down. But the more I looked at it the more I grew concerned. I checked again to make sure I had seen correctly... and yes... it looked as though her for head had caved in like someone hit her in the head with a hammer. No blood thank goodness but she was still screaming.

I picked up the phone and called Garth to tell him to come home immediately, I was going to hang up and call 911. And I did.

Izzy was screaming so loud it took the operator and I a couple of runs on what had happened and our address.

Before I knew it the Fire Department was at our door.

By this point Izzy had calmed down and indention in her forehead had started to fill with blood and puff out. She barely let the fireman check her eyes but after much coercing she finally allowed it. Once she warmed up to them they decided that she was going to be fine and we could choose to ride in the Ambulance or drive ourselves to our doctor. Since Garth was on his way we chose to see our own pediatrician. The fireman gave Izzy and Sophia parting gifts of fireman tattoos and stickers and they were off to the next emergency. I'm sure with a pretty good laugh... when they were taking down our information they asked Izzy's birthday and I told them April 31, 2007... he just looked at me and I said it again... then I realized... there are not 31 days in April and she was not born on the 31... she was born on the 30!!!! Wow, who hit their head again???? They just laughed and said they wouldn't tell anyone. Oh my.

After a quick phone call to the ped. and instructions from the nurse we began our day of observation. Izzy immediately said she was tired and went to bed... which the nurse said was typical and to allow. Then she was up for the doctors appointment. The doctor said she did feel the indention but she did not think there was a fracture. She pushed on Izzy's head so hard and the tough girl she is just kind of pushed her hand away gently. I have figured out through all of these minor emergency's that Izzy has a high pain threshold. Which brings me to where we are now...

After the doctors appointment we came home and she had a quick bite to eat and then back down for another nap. Lots of napping, which worries me. I have been monitoring her movements while she sleeps and going in to check on her every hour or so.

She has spent most of the day napping and taking it easy. She has said quite a few times that her noggin hurts and she doesn't feel good... poor thing. She finally ate a sandwich and chicken nuggets around 9 this evening. Seeing her eat the food and then dance around the living room made me feel better. She seemed to be more herself.

She is now sleeping in her bed and I am sure I will be up all night checking on her.

Please keep her in your prayers that she continues to feel good and that there will be no complications... that she feels better and has her appetite and spirits up tomorrow.

The spot on her forehead now is about the size of a ping-pong ball. It really doesn't look too bad but I'm sure it will get darker over the next few days. I tried to get a pic but she wouldn't stay still long enough... which is a good thing.

PS... the bar stool is now put away and we will be having ALL meals at the table.

She is so tough!

I would also like to thank my neighbor Laura who called when she saw the Fire truck and offered to stay with whichever girl wasn't injured. This was the sweetest gesture from someone I think I have only gotten to speak to a few times. I am saying many prayers of thanks tonight and one of them is for her and the phone call.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catching up...

Well, I want to give a big THANK YOU to my mom who was here visiting us last week. She watched the girls while Garth and I tried to get caught up on our house.
Then she brought her carpet steamer and cleaned both of the girls rooms, yay!!!
She headed home Saturday morning and we have tried to keep the momentum going. I think we are as close as we can be to "door bell" ready ;)

While she was here we also took the opportunity to go on a hot date night to Z Tejas for dinner and then on for a little romantic shopping at HEB (the grocery store). LOL, oh my what is exciting to us now that we have kiddos. Just to shop together without the girls, lovely. Walking isle to isle not worrying about the moment of melt downs that either of the girls could have at any moment for any reason.
Yes, the night was perfect.


I am going to try to keep up with the progress we have made on the house. And I hope to take some pictures of the paint colors for everyone! (before the house gets out of control again and I can't take pics)

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kinsey leaves Sunday...

Our niece Kinsey leaves Sunday for Marine Boot camp. I can only imagine tonight the thoughts that are going through her mind.

We wanted her to know that we are so proud of her and her commitment to this great nation.

You are always in our thoughts Kinsey.

You are stronger than you know.

We love you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Find Friday...

This website allows you to upload your photos and edit them for free! You can fix red eye, add captions or different effects. (there are advanced versions that you pay a yearly fee for if you choose)

Once you like what you have done to the photo you can share it with friends or print it out to enjoy it at home.

My bestie Lisa sent me this pic that she did on picnik... and this is how I got hooked (aren't they beautiful!)

I edited our Thanksgiving picture in Picnik and gave it a humorous Christmas theme then had them printed at with one of their card styles.

You can even make collages, this was our Thanksgiving...

It is a fun site to visit but look out it is addictive!!!

Have fun and send me some pics you edit ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's an Orca mom...

We had a blast. The park was packed but the weather was perfect. I probably should have taken more pictures... but I fell down on the job.

We had a great time and were so glad we were able to meet up with the McCuistian Family from Tulsa!!

Can't wait to head back down to San Antonio to visit our friend Shamu... or the Orca as Izzy referred to them ;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Memaw's People...


Every year I would get a card in the mail from my dad's mother, whom I called Memaw, celebrating this day. It was her people's holiday. She would wear one of her Irish pins and smile all day. I miss her very much. My brother got one of her great traits, the red hair. And then we both share her laugh... you might have seen it... when we laugh so hard, only silence comes out of a wide open mouth, our shoulders bounce and shake while tears of joy stream down our cheeks. That was my Memaw's laugh. Or the one I remember. She never lost her sense of humor.

Now Saint Patrick's Day for me is a celebration of her... my beautiful Memaw.

And for her I wear GREEN!

I love you and miss you...

She is the one with the beautiful red hair ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you Aunt Betsy...

So mom made it in tonight from seeing my sister Betsy in Louisiana, YAY!!!

Betsy sent some gifts for the girls and they were so excited we had to share and tell Aunt Betsy THANK YOU!!!

Kids get so excited and it just makes my heart smile!

Our tasty tuesday recipe was trumped by the beads... we'll post it next week ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

In between sizes...

Tonight's workout was as follows:

For time:
3-12-21-12-3 reps of
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (M:135 F:95)
Pull Ups

Mine was scaled of course: SDHP 55lbs and I did my Pull Ups with bands.

My time, which I was super pumped about, was around 13 minutes. And then my coach quickly pointed out that my weight was too light and I had too much assistance with my pull ups. AHHHHHGGHGH!! At first I thought no... it was tough for me... I wanted to stop and I just didn't I kept pushing through... my legs and my arms were on fire... no way could I lift more... or used a different band...

Or could I?

Here is the deal: I feel like right now I am in between sizes... and this applies to my clothes as well as my workouts. My old size of clothes are just way too big, but the new size is just a little too small... I have a muffin top in the new size... not really what I'm going for here. I'm comfortable in my old size.
With my workouts I am also in between sizes. I have made progress, but this is all new territory for me and I am comfortable with what seems only a little hard. The "muffin top" in my workouts is that too often I am playing it safe... staying where I'm comfortable or only slightly uncomfortable.

Aw comfort... smile... it's nice and warm in the comfort zone...

So in the end JDP was right I guess... too light... too much assistance. But you know this is why I go to a gym and have a coach. I need someone to push me and call me out... and force me out of my comfort zone.

And for my sisters out there a saying came to mind... Ever Forward!!!

So here I go...

Where I am not comfortable...

Muffin tops and all ;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the sport of fitness...

What a beautiful day!

We spent the weekend watching the CrossFit Sectionals here in Austin. CrossFit is actually considered a sport... the sport of fitness. CrossFit athletes from all over will compete to earn spots for the 2010 CrossFit Games which will be held July 16-18 in Aromas, CA. Watching the athletes perform was inspiring! Check it out here at SICFIT.COM. I think Garth has a new goal for himself next year!

Here are a few pics. The girls had fun cheering but it was time for a serious snack!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Find Friday...

Garth just finished his first marathon and I just finished my first 5k. During Garth's run he carried quite a few things with him; snacks, phone and ipod. When I ran the 5k I carried my iphone for music. Both of us used a SPIBELT. I thought it was pretty handy dandy! Once snapped on it does not move! It expands to hold tons of stuff for long runs, hikes or bike rides. I think the best part of it is it is NOT bulky... I mean I didn't feel like a tourist wearing a big fanny-pack! You can tuck it under your shirt and no one knows it's there. I am going to start using it when we go to the park with the girls, pack it with my keys, iphone and money!

The SPIBELT is American made here in Austin, Texas. They have other neat products but this is the one we have tried. If you race a lot they also have attachments for your race number sheets called racers. I think Garth needs some of these ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eighteen Years Today...

Today is an anniversary of sorts for Garth and me. Today we have been officially boyfriend and girlfriend for 18 years. Is that not crazy!!!! Well because we have met so many new people and because we are such nerds here is a recap of Garth and Nat...

I first saw Garth in August of 1991 standing in the lunch room when we were in middle school at Stigler, Oklahoma. I remember thinking to myself who is that cute, nerdy boy standing with Cale Dunn? Cute, because he was... and nerdy, because he had on these home made cut-off jean shorts... enough said. And that would probably be how I would describe him today... he is sooo nerdy cute and I love it!

Garth first noticed me at Lacy Huggin's pool party which was also in August. Misty Rowell and I kept throwing him and Cale into the pool. Later that night he and Cale rode their bicycles over from Cale's house to jump on the trampoline.

And so our friendship began.

We remember the first time that we "officially" decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend at the State Basketball tournaments in March of 1992. We were all wearing our middle school jackets and all of my best friends were there, listening in of course with Garth's best friend Cale. So funny... although Garth likes to tease me and say that it was March 17... not March 11.

We laugh and celebrate this day because it reminds us of our journey. Throughout the years we have celebrated every New Year's Eve together except one, we have dated other people but have never been apart for longer than 5 months, even during the times apart we were still pretty good friends... he would listen to how my dates went and I would listen to how his dates went. I think we both knew that we would end up together... but when you are so young you have to make sure. Neither one of us regret any step in our journey because it has led us to today. We have survived and thrived through middle school, Garth moving to Alaska and back home, High School, undergrad, marriage (almost 8 years!), both of us in graduate school (while working full time and building a new house), Natalie's many career changes, Garth working full time and graduating from TU Law, the birth of two beautiful girls, a move to Austin, Texas and whatever else life has thrown at us. We are best friends, parents and still think the other is still hot... even after 18 years!!!

Today is a fun day for us and we wanted to share it with you. Here are a few pics of our journey to make you smile.

Middle School Football game, sharing chili frito pie

Olan Mills pic... what up big perm!!

Christmas Formal

Prom 1995... again with the hair!!!

Prom 1996

Senior Pics

High School Graduation

Phi Sigma & Tri Sigma Luau-- Undergrad NSU 2000
(thanks mom)


Oklahoma State Graduation

Just back from Cabo loving each other!!!

Our first family pic with Izzy

Getting ready to have Sophia

Our life in Austin

If you have any fun pics of us feel free to email them to us. I need to scan some in from our college years.

Enjoy your best friend today... we know we will!!

***on a side note Oprah is re-running a very important episode about food!!!! RECORD IT!!***

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Was that the doorbell...

It has been so beautiful here we have been spending most of our time outside. For that reason I have pretty much neglected the house and the laundry... At least that is my excuse for today ;)

Someone please tell me that your house is not spotless everyday! That because you have kids you too have to pick clothes off of the floor and try to remember if they just came out of the dryer of off a kiddo... does sweeping and mopping HAVE to be a daily chore... that you too also trip over toys or kitchen cups that weren't in the floor a minute ago when you first came through the living room...

If you can relate yay!!! I am not alone. I know when we have company we put our best face forward, which includes the house. But what about the other days of the week? How many people are really ready for a drop-by visitor right now at this moment? I am sweating just thinking about my doorbell ringing! hahaha!

Who are those people that have everything in their place? I mean the Renfrow's are trying but seriously? I'm talking about the women with toddlers or any age kid for that matter that keeps her house presentable at all times!!! Where are you? Do you have help like a house keeper each week (i need her number... and you don't count!!!) do you take speed or drink 40 redbulls a day to keep up???

I miss Kim and Joyce from Stigler!!!!!!!! (they were my mom's house keepers that would come up to Owasso and take over my house when I got overwhelmed... there is no one like them... no one)

Last week I could see a light at the end of the tunnel on our house... I mean we were so close!!! Today is another day... another mess... but I love it.

Well, enough of that for today. Let me know!!! Are you ready for a visitor at the door?

We'll be outside in the back yard so if our door bell rings... we won't be able to hear it ;)

Who could tell these faces no????

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tasty Tuesday D-Lish Dish...

Going Rogue. That is how we cook. We rarely follow recipes, and we don't pre-plan our meals days in advance. We just take what we have available and make it work. Luckily, our weekly delivery of fresh produce from Greenling keeps us stocked with fruits and veggies, and we try to have a good selection of meats available in the freezer (also from Greenling). So after taking a quick look at our inventory, we decided on grilled pork tenderloin and a roasted vegetable medley of sorts. It was super easy to make, and by dividing up the work we got it all done in about 25 minutes.

And since so many of you have asked for some recipe ideas, we grabbed the camera and shot a few photos. This recipe also follows our paleo eating habits, which leaves out all grains, dairy, and potatoes, among other things. With food this good, we don't miss mashed potatoes. OK, sometimes, but we have substitutes. We had planned to make mashed sweet potatoes with this meal, but in typical Renfrow style we forgot all about them until we sat down to eat. Next time!

Pork tenderloin on the grill:
Pork tenderloin
any other spices or rubs you like
olive oil

Fire up the grill, on the highest temperature. (I'm pretty sure you know how to fire up the grill I just liked this shot of the sky in the background)

I lay the tenderloin out on some wax paper, generously apply the salt and pepper and rub it in. Before it goes on the grill, I roll it in a thin layer of olive oil. Then throw on a few sprinkles of additional salt and pepper and yell "BAM!!!" Or don't. Your call.

I cook the tenderloin for 5 minutes on each side. OK, a tenderloin is circular, so assume it has 4 sides, not 2. After all 4 sides have cooked, it is time to remove it from the grill. If you get a really thick piece of pork, it may take 6-7 minutes per side.

Place the cooked tenderloin in foil and wrap it tightly. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes (it will continue to cook) while you finish that beer and help get the kids ready for dinner.

After the 15 minutes or when you have finished your beer whichever comes first, unwrap the tenderloin and slice to serve.

Vegetable Medley:
Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Substitute any vegetables you have on hand... this was what looked good for us tonight

mini sweet bell peppers
12 mushrooms
15 asparagus spears
3 large garlic cloves
1/2 of a lime
Olive Oil

Chop the vegetables to your liking. Or don't... we like to keep things bite size for the girls.

Crush and roughly chop 3 cloves of garlic

Drizzle about 2 tablespoons onto a baking sheet that is big enough to hold all of your veggies

Throw vegetables and garlic on baking sheet.

Add Salt and Pepper... again to meet your taste buds... but watch your salt ;)

Get your hands in there and make sure all the veggies are covered with the olive oil.

Throw in the oven for about 25 minutes. I like to give my veggies a stir after the first 10-12 minutes.

Keep an eye on them your oven might be different from ours. I like to pull them out when they start to get that dark roasted look to them.

Tonight we had some limes on hand so once the medley came out of the oven I squeezed a little fresh lime juice over it. It really gave it a fresh twist.

Plate on your finest china... (you might have this same pattern at your house)

And eat up!!!

It's not exact but it is tasty and we have fun with dinner... enjoy!