Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Memaw's People...


Every year I would get a card in the mail from my dad's mother, whom I called Memaw, celebrating this day. It was her people's holiday. She would wear one of her Irish pins and smile all day. I miss her very much. My brother got one of her great traits, the red hair. And then we both share her laugh... you might have seen it... when we laugh so hard, only silence comes out of a wide open mouth, our shoulders bounce and shake while tears of joy stream down our cheeks. That was my Memaw's laugh. Or the one I remember. She never lost her sense of humor.

Now Saint Patrick's Day for me is a celebration of her... my beautiful Memaw.

And for her I wear GREEN!

I love you and miss you...

She is the one with the beautiful red hair ;)

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