Monday, March 15, 2010

In between sizes...

Tonight's workout was as follows:

For time:
3-12-21-12-3 reps of
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (M:135 F:95)
Pull Ups

Mine was scaled of course: SDHP 55lbs and I did my Pull Ups with bands.

My time, which I was super pumped about, was around 13 minutes. And then my coach quickly pointed out that my weight was too light and I had too much assistance with my pull ups. AHHHHHGGHGH!! At first I thought no... it was tough for me... I wanted to stop and I just didn't I kept pushing through... my legs and my arms were on fire... no way could I lift more... or used a different band...

Or could I?

Here is the deal: I feel like right now I am in between sizes... and this applies to my clothes as well as my workouts. My old size of clothes are just way too big, but the new size is just a little too small... I have a muffin top in the new size... not really what I'm going for here. I'm comfortable in my old size.
With my workouts I am also in between sizes. I have made progress, but this is all new territory for me and I am comfortable with what seems only a little hard. The "muffin top" in my workouts is that too often I am playing it safe... staying where I'm comfortable or only slightly uncomfortable.

Aw comfort... smile... it's nice and warm in the comfort zone...

So in the end JDP was right I guess... too light... too much assistance. But you know this is why I go to a gym and have a coach. I need someone to push me and call me out... and force me out of my comfort zone.

And for my sisters out there a saying came to mind... Ever Forward!!!

So here I go...

Where I am not comfortable...

Muffin tops and all ;)

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  1. You are doing great! So proud of ya! And miss you!