Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trip to Oklahoma...

The trips are always fast and furious. I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the girls stayed with Garth's parents and brother. Let me just say that I am so blessed to have such nice, helpful and kind in laws and brother-in-law... without them our trips to Tulsa for me to work would not happen. When I come in they take over with the girls and I get to work.
We also took a trip down to Stigler. The girls and I needed to get down there to see Garth's grandmother. We took Garth's grandmother to lunch on Tuesday and then she came over to play with the girls on Wednesday morning... she kept up with us pretty good. She mentioned taking a trip to come and see us and I told her she better call Travis first so he could be her driving buddy! Tuesday night I got to go eat at the Chinese restaurant with Dannah. We finally got a chance to catch up, life gets crazy but I am trying to make time for everyone. Izzy really took to Pawpaw they ate dinner, read books, ate snacks, read more books... they had fun. Then, Wednesday evening all of our visitors arrived at once, it was just like old times at the White house. Lisa, Hannah and Sidney pulled up, right behind her pulled up Melissa Brown-Cross and Pegi Cariker behind her and then Amanda with her kids... SO MUCH FUN! Chaos, but fun. Amanda (who is a very brave mom) took all of the kids to the Stigler park to play while Lisa and I stayed behind and finished up her hair. Then before we knew it the kids were back, Pawpaw was back with the pizza and it was time to eat. After dinner Sidney decided it was story time with Izzy's Pawpaw so, Dad read many books to the kids... (heart smile).
On Thursday we decided it was time to head back to Austin and Garth's mom, Jerry Sue, decided she would make the trip with us. George and Travis came down on Friday and everyone stayed until Sunday.
We took Jerry Sue to Whole Foods headquarters in downtown Austin and gave her a quick drive-by tour of the city. Our favorite part of the weekend though was going to the IKEA store in Round Rock. If you have not been there or to their website you have to check out their home furniture, bedding, rugs... if you need something for your house, they have it. The website does not do the store justice... I highly recommend a trip to an IKEA store.
Here are some pics of our trip to Oklahoma

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