Tuesday, April 21, 2009

National Geographic...

Okay, every since I can remember my mom has told me this story...
When she was little she was taking care of her younger brother and sister at the park. Out of no where she said came a swarm of hornets that started to attack the three of them. Mom says she threw her brother and sister to the ground and covered them with her body and in the process was stung many times.
Now, not ever having seen a swarm of hornets or a swarm of anything for that matter (except on Saturday morning cartoons) I have always just kind of filed this in the... "sure it happened" file of my head (and she knows this). That is until last Thursday. The girls and I were on the back porch playing. Our house backs up kind of to one of the main roads through the neighborhood and there are always "big trucks" as Izzy calls them traveling through the intersection. Sitting in the chair laughing at Izzy I can hear one of those "big trucks" coming, except this "big truck" was getting closer, closer and closer... now the "big truck" doesn't sound like a "big truck" at all it sounds more like... bees? I turn to look over my shoulder and there was a dark, buzzing cloud of bees moving across our back yard! I am telling you a cloud of bees so thick you could not see through them. Now, hearing mom's story all of my life about the swarm of hornets... and then I also had quick flashes of a Dateline or 20/20 African Killer Bees special... I went into survival mode. I ripped Sophia out of her activity station, picked up Izzy and threw them in the house and then turned around for the dogs. At this point the swarm was moving to the other side of the house but I could still hear the buzzing. I got the dogs in shut the door... we were safe... no stings. CRAZY! I had to call Garth immediately to tell him what had happened... in true Garth fashion he was glad we were safe but wasn't too excited. Then afterward I had to laugh... I guess now seeing a swarm myself I will have to re-file mom's hornet story into the "believe it" file!

So this started the National Geographic moments at the Renfrow's. In the days following we have discovered that we have a bunny living in our front flower bed and have had quite a few lizard sightings. Sunday after church we were washing the cars and a lizard decided to help us, it walked right up to us and into the garage. Then today Sophia and I were on the back porch, I turned to walk back in the house and there was a lizard sitting on our window ledge... just waiting to be invited in I guess.
Here are a couple of pics...

Here is a shot of the bunny... it is between the tree limbs (we'll try to get better pics)

Here is our friendly lizard...

Here is how close it was to the back door... which had been open for about 20 minutes or so before I realized we had a visitor...


according to dictionary.com


1. a body of honeybees that emigrate from a hive and fly off together, accompanied by a queen, to start a new colony.

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  1. Wow...too much wildlife for me. Garth's response to the swarm is about what i would have expected.