Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Bling...

Izabella turns two on Thursday. To celebrate this we took both of the girls out tonight for a special right of passage for all little girls... ear piercing. I know, I know we are cruel parents.
She talked about it all afternoon. When we finally made it to the "paul" which is what Izzy calls the mall she was still excited, until the sweet Claire's lady wanted to touch her then it was a no go for Izzy. So, we decided we would do Sophia first. While we were marking Sophia another little girl came in to get her ears pierced. We then decided to let the other little girl go first and then have Izzy watch as it was done. The little girl did great and Izzy was ready to get her earrings! (We bribed her with a sucker) Once the dots were marked on the ear the lady did one side... click... and then silence... a deep breath... and then hear it came... a big cry. We quickly gave her the sucker and distracted her with it while the lady did the other ear. No pause this time just straight to the cry, until she saw her new earrings and she smiled and laughed and said... look at my earrings.
Then it was Sophia's turn. This took awhile to make sure that her dots were even... she is a squirmy little thing. Then it was time... Daddy held her arms and her head and the lady did the first ear... click... immediate scream. We decided not to wait and just keep going... click... oh my goodness, I don't blame her a bit, she was upset with everyone. She finally settled down after a couple of minutes and was laughing before we left the store. But I will say I doubt big sister would have gone after Sophia.
So it has been done they were both great and here are the pictures of the birthday bling...


  1. Yeah! They look so adorable!!! Cant wait to see them!

  2. Mimi is a little aprehensive, but must look for her little diamond earrings from her nanny to pass on to the girls.

  3. Hey Nat! Your girls are beautiful- and their earrings are too! Isn't it amazing how suckers can make the hurt just go away?

  4. Yay for earrings! Cute pictures! Chelsea