Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick Fix...

Okay so we had a guest at our house this past weekend that was not officially family. I say that because when it is not family you tend to prepare your house a little more than if it is "just family". And in true fashion, at the last minute I decided that our master bedroom comforter would look much better on the guest room bed and that now that the master room is blue the cream guest bed comforter would look better in the master bedroom... The only problem with this is that the guest bedroom must have a bedskirt and the comforter that was coming from our master bedroom did not. So, while looking around I noticed that the curtains that we were going to have to take down in the master bedroom matched the bedspread perfectly so I will just use those! I took the two panel curtains and laid them across the box springs and made a cute little pleat by folding twice in the center then Garth helped me put the mattress back on to hold it in place. Voila, a custom bedskirt! Now it is nothing fancy, but it did the trick and I am pretty proud!

Not too bad for a quick fix

Ha! In this pic how do you like the two lamps
that have no bulbs or shades hanging out in the corner!

Now if Oprah could just send Nate Berkus to my house to put things on the walls! That's right people we have been here over a year and I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the walls.... HELP! Seriously look at the guest bedroom... nothing!


  1. I will bring the watercolor paintings that Dad's grandmother did. They will look great in here. Don't let me forget.

  2. Oh and the one on the bottom of my blogspot called on the coast.

  3. And take those lamps out of there!

  4. Good job on the bedskirt. I usually just use extra flatsheets. They always match the fitted sheet and then it looks like it belongs.

  5. Good idea Nat!!!! it looks awesome - now I have a new idea!!!! Thanks you can become a fashion designer!!! LOL - love ya it really does look very nice

    Aunt Robyn