Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun Find Friday...

I don't know what it is about colors but Sophia likes to eat them... open up a fresh box and she hears snack time!!!
Because of this I decided okay we will get the non-toxic washable markers. Well, that was okay... now instead of Crayola crumbles around her face she looks like a really scary clown. And Izzy uses the marker lids for what she calls "sticky" fingers or Sophia also likes to put those in her mouth like suckers.
The other day we got out our worksheets to color and all of the markers were dried up... melt downs occurred and momma promised to go get new "colors".
I went to Target to see what was available not too excited to spend money on colors that Sophia would use as snacks and then markers that were going to dry up in a day. Well, my problem must have been a problem of many mothers out there because low and behold I discover on the shelf these....


And for Izzy Washable Triangular Markers also by Crayola


They are both marker sets that have NO lids to lose. Because they were made with no lids they don't dry up. The girls simply tap the end of the marker on the paper until the washable ink begins to flow. So far they have worked great! The washable ink is a little runny but I think that has more to do with the girls "tapping" skills. Both sets of markers are over sized for their little hands to hold better. They are coloring away.

I have taken some comfort in the fact that these products are out there. I was beginning to worry that my girls were a little weird. I don't remember eating crayons when I was little.... hmm maybe they got that from Garth ;)

When I looked the markers up on Crayola's website a banner popped up to register with the company and get a 15% off coupon on your first purchase at the

Have your kids done this or do you remember doing it yourself? Let us know.

Have fun with it!

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