Tuesday, October 27, 2009

do I have too...

Garth and I have started our workouts... when the work out day arrives I think to myself do I HAVE to? Then I get there, get through it and I think YES I did that!!!!!

We are doing what is called CrossFit (click the link for info). They have all kinds of training facilities across the nation.

Anyway I need to make this a priority. I have to get in shape for the girls... I don't want to be a lazy, out-of-shape mom that gets winded every time I have to carry one of them or both of them up the stairs. So I have started.

I do an evening class and it is me and another girl (who by the way is sooooo fit it is unreal) and then 4 sometimes 5 other guys. I'm pretty sure I slow them down but I am trying to get faster. I will consider myself adjusted when I can get through the warm up and not want to throw up my lunch!

Each day of class there is a Work Out of the Day (WOD)

Yesterday I did the benchmark workout called: Fight Gone Bad

"Fight Gone Bad"
Max reps for 1 minute for each movement:
WallBall (squat then throw a ball up in the air and catch) M:20 F:14
SDHP M:75 F:55
Box Jump
Push Press M:75 F:55
Row (calories)
Do 2 Rounds

I did 96 total... (which I think is the number of times I did everything in two rounds)
I saw some of the guys totals and they were like 180 something and higher...

You gotta start somewhere ;)

So, here is to getting fit...

Please tell me there are other moms (or anyone) out there struggling to do the same?

How do you fit it in?

What is your work out plan?

How do we stay motivated???????

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  1. Well I guess that description of a lazy, out of shape mom, shoe fits, so I'll wear it...LOL