Monday, October 26, 2009

We had visitors...

Grandmothers are special whether they are your own or not. They just seem to have a warmth about them that makes you want to cuddle up and listen to story after story after story... even if you have heard them before. This past weekend Garth's grandmother came to visit us from Oklahoma and we had are really nice time. She read to the girls, played hide-and-go seek, laughed and napped the weekend away. Here are some of the priceless pics we snapped over the weekend.

They left this morning to travel on to Arizona... what a road trip!

On another family note... my sister-in-law, Raine, has started her own blog that is so cute High Heels and an Apron. She is a sassy dietitian on a mission. Her recipes are awesome check it out... great ideas for Holiday cooking or game-day fun!

Awesome family moments to celebrate!


  1. Make me cry I guess. Those could have been pics of you and Memaw... I am so glad Fannie got to come see the house and visit...And what a beautiful song...I played that for the office girlz the other day and told them how special that song is... Love you So glad ya'll had fun.

  2. I loved the pics. Looked like a professional took them. It's neat that nannie got to make the visit with you guys. See you soon. . Amanda

  3. Thanks amanda you need to come and visit us too with all the kiddos!!!