Thursday, March 26, 2009

We'll try again tomorrow...

So today the plan was to take a trip to Target and get out of the house. Everyone was up early... I even got a quick shower in AND brushed my teeth (this is a good day so far). Izzy eats her breakfast which included strawberry milk in the pink cup, yogurt and granola with waffle dippers... and then of course mom's blueberry oatmeal. Everyone was dressed, happy... let's go to Target.
In the car we go, take a quick 5 minute drive, park next to the cart gate and start to unload into the nifty shopping cart that also has seating for toddlers. Sophia is in the cart in her car seat and then Izzy is going to ride in the handy-dandy toddler seat... or is she? She decides that she is going to stand up and hang from the push bar and not sit on the seat. After asking nicely many times I finally decide to try to wrestle her into the seat and then strap her in... but she is feisty... and this only resulted in a banchee scream/cry fit! (she's not really crying just screaming at the top of her lungs it is really quite funny to hear... high scream, low scream almost like a song AHHHHHahhhhhAHHHaahh, but I had to keep my mom face on) This mom and daughter stand off goes on for about 5 minutes or so... many people politely smiling and laughing to themselves as they watch me try to rationalize with a 23 month old. Finally I decide you know what I said no you have to sit down or we are going to go home... so we packed back up and headed home (NO ELMO either... oh my I am a mean mom) Hmm... well we went the long way home and took about a 30 minute drive around the lake and ended with drive-thru lunch from Sandy's burger hut. By the time we got home it was lunch then a much needed nap for Izzy. Sophia napped in the car so she was wide awake ready to play while sister had her down time. Naps make everything better.
Not too long after Izzy woke up from her nap it was time to go out in the driveway and wait on daddy... always keeping an eye out for wolly powees and butterflies!
Once daddy arrived it was a quick change and then we were all off to the park. Izzy loves going to the park. Sophia had a very big day at the park today also... daddy put her in the baby swing and she just giggled. He took some video and pictures on his phone and I will have to post it later.
So the day ended perfectly... we'll try Target again tomorrow ;)


  1. How funny! Although it isn't very funny at the time! Boy do I know how you feel. Remember the time you through the fit in Wal Mart and I took you to the front of the store and had everyone look at the little girl who was throwing a tantrum because she couldn't have what she wanted? I know you hate to hear those stories, but my mom also reminded me of my less than acceptable attitude when I shared my mommy vs Kids story! LOL But I'm proud of you. I never wanted to spank you all in public so I tried everything known to man to keep from spanking you in public.

    I am trying to paint a picture for a silent auction tomorrow night that they are doing at the benefit for Doreen. Your dad has been so complimentory of my painting I did last night, now I am going to have to do another. LOL He didn't understand my painting of a gift with a beautiful gold ribbon on it! It's really good too. So I am going to try to paint Brewster's Produce Stand in Acrylics because they dry faster than oils.

    Have a good day. Love you mom

  2. I think i have heard that scream before! lol! You are mean, I mean really why would you want her to sit down anyway that is just senseless! (much sarcasm)Sid pretty much had a silent fit today herself! She, little miss chatty pants, said notta at her pre-k screening today! I am sure the tester lady thought she was the most behind child ever! KIDS!!!! Much LOVE,