Monday, March 30, 2009

A day with family...

So, Saturday the girls and I took a trip to Granny's for my cousin Christina's baby shower. It was a three and a half hour drive one way, but we made it! I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be close to my mom's family now that we are in Texas... I have seen them twice this month, whereas before it would have been years... literally between visits. God knows what he is doing for sure.
The girls did great at the shower especially Izzy (for a girl who usually takes a three hour nap at this time she did fantastic). Aunt Robyn walked Sophia around while I got to write down the gifts and gift givers for Christina... it was nice to be able to help.
Christina had a beautiful shower and got tons of great stuff for their new baby boy!
After the shower we (Granny, Aunt Robyn, Christina, myself and the girls) decided that we would go to Granny's for pizza (thank you Granny for the pizza!) and girl talk before we all went our separate ways. It was fun to visit, there was a lot of laughing.... smile...
Here are some pictures from our visit!


Christina & Granny

Aunt Robyn & Christina
(I know... you might have done a double take if I hadn't said that was my Aunt Robyn, huh... my mom and her sister look so much alike!)

Christina and Me...


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  1. Mom looks like she is in Hog Heaven with her granddaughters all to herself! I know she is enjoying you two getting to know each other. Her and Bab's enjoy each other so much and that will be neat if one day you and Christina have the relationship and friendship that she and Bab's have. They have so much fun together.