Monday, November 15, 2010

Run Renfrow's Run...

So, I did it. I have forced myself to become a runner. (Or I am a jogger/walker) But I am getting it done. Thanks to the encouragement of my sweet husband who sticks with me and my friend Camille who keeps signing us up for more runs...

This past weekend I ran a 4 mile race... 4 miles CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????

It was the McNellie's pub run. Garth and I showed up right when the gun went off for the race. I had Camille's number bib and safety pins in hand and we were still getting everything together.

Garth went up and asked the registration table what the schedule was and they laughed and said it has already started buddy... you guys will have to start with the 1mile fun run/walk. WHAT!!!

Well we did and we kicked it in to high gear... we passed the ending police car for our race and finally caught up with Camille about 1.5 in. THEN!!! I had to go to the bathroom rrreeallly bad so at about mile 2 I had to make a pit stop at the downtown Domino's!! Can you believe this craziness? Pit stop complete and we were back on track caught up with Camille again at the beer station (of which Camille and I did not partake) then up the hill for the big finish!!!

***Let's make it clear I am not a fast runner... the only reason we were able to catch Camille is because the group she was running with stopped at the beer stations for their Guinness (hence the name of the run) We never would have caught her if it weren't for the pub stands ;)***

I am proud to say that I finished AND there were LOTS of people who finished after us!! Well more than I expected anyway.

Here is a photo recap of the runs we have done so far!!!

The Next Run we are doing is The Tulsa Turkey Trot