Monday, June 1, 2009

crazy time...

Just wanted to let everyone know we are in Oklahoma.  We have been here since May 22.  I packed for two days straight. Doing the laundry, packing for both girls and myself for a month long visit to Oklahoma... not easy with the two little ones. Garth even took the day off to help us get ready.
We (Garth, me and the girls) drove in to Stigler Friday night around midnight then got up at 5:30a to head to Fayetteville, Arkansas for Garth's niece's high school graduation.  So proud of our K... she will be going to a JuCo in Kansas on a softball scholarship.  So proud of this achievement! After graduation Rain's husband Rob (who is a police officer) took us on a tour of the jail... I know this sounds weird but it was really neat to see the inside of a prison and how it worked.  Anyway, we were there until late afternoon came home and went straight to the Cariker's to see Chris, Pegi, Emily and little Chris (Em's husband).  We really enjoyed relaxing on their patio, listening and laughing the night away at all of the stories being shared.  I love to laugh... heart smile.  It was a great night Garth and I are looking forward to our weekend in OKC with Emily that is coming up.  Then it was off to Tulsa on Sunday and Garth flew out late Monday evening back to Austin.  
Not to worry though he was back this past weekend... driving this time.  
Isn't this crazy?  And in the middle of all of this my phone has decided it will no longer allow me to speak to or hear anyone... lovely.
The girls and I spent the last week in Stigler with my parents and then in Muskogee with my friend Lisa and her girls.  We had sooo much fun with the Highfill girlz.  Lisa and I decided we would take the girls to the drive-thru zoo in Gentry, Arkansas and all of the kids loved it.  They had all kinds of animals: lions, tigers, bears, birds, camels, bison, buffalo (and yes they are two different things according to Garth), zebras, prairie dogs, goats, chickens... monkeys.  Izzy was running from the front of the yukon to the back (Sophia just napped).  Lisa's girls have been watching animal planet, so they were able to inform us about the habits of the animals... for instance did you know hippos ate humans?  I had no idea.  I will have to post the video and pics that we took soon.  I love it that our girls have such a good time together.  Aw... another heart smile.
So we left the Highfill girlz and headed to Tulsa to do a little hair for Hillary's bridal portraits, I thought she looked absolutely perfect! 
Then back in the car to Stigler.

Oh my goodness... we have just been keeping the road hot between Tulsa and Stigler and loving every stop along the way as we visit our friends.

So to update you on other parts of our lives.  Keep your fingers crossed that the new contract on our house in Owasso is a success and we will close on June 26.  Garth and I are very excited that our home is going to another Phi Sig and Sigma combo from NSU... a great family.

Other than that I guess keep your eye out for the Yukon... the Renfrow girlz could be stopp'n in for a visit any day!

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  1. Hey Nat!
    I completely understand what you're going through. We ran the roads between Fort Worth & Tulsa for the entire month between getting a contract & closing on our BA house. It's exhausting, and packing was a much bigger job than I had thought it would be, but thanks to the Grace of God, and my amazing Mom, we made it. Now we're busy getting settled in to our new house in TX and all that seems like a blur. Good luck with everything- I know it's kind of stressful. If ya'll wanna park your Yukon in F.W. for a while you're more than welcome. I'd love to see ya!