Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just wanted to say...

That this move has not been easy for me. To up-root your 1-year old and 3-month old and move them to a city where you know absolutely no one, leaving behind the best support system of family and friends anyone could ask for... it has been an adjustment to say the least. But here we are 4 months into it and we are making it. This month it was official that our youngest daughter is now a "Texan" she has now spent the majority of her life in Texas.
I have never doubted God's plan for our family and neither has Garth. Garth did not apply for this job that has brought us to Austin, his name was submitted by his superiors. Then the interview came and went... no word. Finally we got the call on Sophia's birthday (literally the day of her birth) that the position was offered to him. Because Garth did not seek this position out we have always looked at it as a "God" thing and trusted in Him that we were doing the right thing. What I didn't know about this plan was how it was going to affect my feelings toward my husband. I could not love him more. Let me share with you a little... Garth gets up early every morning and goes to work to a job that he is really enjoying. He calls periodically during the day to check in on his girls, to make sure I get an adequate amount of "adult" conversation time in (b/c talking to a now 2yr old and 7 1/2 month old doesn't quite get the job done). He always asks if there is anything we need him to do before he comes home. Then when he gets home EVERY DAY we either go to the park or to the pool or he takes the girls by himself to give momma a break. Then we will come home make dinner, play a little bit longer together with the girls and then it is bath time. Again, he will take over if I need a break or we do it together, then girls go to bed and we pick up the kitchen and talk about his day, my day or if it is the weekend we have mini date nights with at-home sushi and beverages ... I do not know very many men who have this kind of devotion to their wife and family. There are no doubts in my mind about his love for me and our girls and he surprises me every day in how he shows it. I am so thankful for my husband.
I am thankful for God's plan.
Just thought I would share with you what was in my heart heart-smiles.


  1. You make a mother so proud...

  2. As you said God has a plan for everything. I'm so jealous! You deserve every bit of happiness, you both do! Never have I met to people so made for each other. Once we find our soulmates, everything falls into place!