Monday, August 1, 2011

New Favorite!!!

I cannot get enough of this new book.  Many of you have requested that I come to your house go through your pantry and then take you shopping... Oh how I would love to do that for each and every one of you.  But if you live miles and miles away and/or we are not able to get our schedules matched up here is the next best thing!!!!

I cannot say enough about it.  I would like to purchase a crate keep them in my car and hand them out to everyone I know.  

Essentially it is a cookbook filled with great pictures of recipes anyone can prepare and enjoy (egg muffins, paleo pizza... to name a couple).  But something I wasn't expecting from this book was an AWESOME get started guide that includes how to clean out your pantry and then re-stock it with paleo essentials, weekly grocery lists for a 30 day paleo meal plan, then a two weak lunch menu for your kiddos too and lastly an at home exercise section.  It truly answers almost ALL the questions that we are asked about of our own paleo and crossfit lifestyle. 
The other thing I love is she shares her story of how her journey began... she was not a person who worked out all of the time, she has 3 kids... had just lost her mother to cancer.... she was out of shape... she was YOU... she was ME... she is someone for one reason or another we can relate to.  Every time I open the book I feel like Sarah is in my kitchen chatting about what she is going to fix for herself and her family that night and we are swapping recipes!  

Hmmm... maybe I should get a little more adult conversation in during the day... 

My point is she makes it interesting and simple to understand.

Anyway I have made a couple of recipes from her blog Everyday Paleo and Garth and the girls have eaten it up!!!  Here is the first recipe we made from the book:  Seafood Enchiladas...

So delicious!! Seafood not your thing?.?.?. this recipe could be made with seafood or chicken or any other lean meat of your choice!  The red enchilada sauce was tasty.  We had steamed broccoli and avocado with ours to balance our plate. Garth barely had enough leftovers the next day for lunch.

So if you are not sure what is for dinner tonight, why not try one of Sarah's Everyday Paleo recipes for you and the family????? 

I think I would like to try and make every recipe in this book... the Everyday Paleo version of Julie&Julia????

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