Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zumba or CrossFit????

To Zumba or To CrossFit...
I know many ladies out there who love to Zumba.
I have a hilarious friend who is a Zumba instructor in the Tulsa area. She travels all around the US going to Zumba get togethers and fundrasiers. It always looks like so much fun. Today she sent me the link to this video and I have been rolling on the floor laughing!!!!

Those of you who are CrossFitters will totally get it and then those of you who Zumba will also get it!


Tracey I think it's time for a THROW DOWN!!!


  1. I'm in on the THROW DOWN!!!

    Will you be serving Kool Aid after the workout?


  2. Hahah!! I'm sure we can mix up a great recovery shake or some Advocare Spark!!!

  3. Omg!!!! Team Zumba!!! Come over to my side ;) we sound a lot more fun! He, he!!! I think I need to meet your friend Tracey. I am Zumba obsessed, but it's true... My workout clothes are ugly.

  4. Hi Katie! Welcome to the dark side!


    Here's my schedule

  5. That is HILARIOUS!! "Do you shake your hips in crossfit?" Ha ha ha...uh NO! :)
    CrossFit forever!