Friday, May 14, 2010

I think of you often...

I think about things to write every day...

My confession to you is I told myself I would post every day for 40 days. Well the 40 days came to an end... I took a break... and I think it is time to get back into it.

Garth has been working in Tulsa during the week and flying home on Fridays to spend time with his girls.

We have a babysitter that stays with the girls so I can go work out.

We are finding an "in the meantime" normal if you will.

So, I plan on making this a part of that new "in the meantime" normal...

What I need from you...
COMMENTS!!! We have had lots of requests for new posts which was surprising to me because I didn't think anyone really read our blog... no comments???

Let us know you are interested or not, either way we want to hear from you...

So... look for more frequent postings coming from the Renfrow's


  1. I sure do love you bunches and love that y'all have a blog too!

  2. So glad that you will be posting regularly again. I look forward to my daily peek into your life. Love ya!

  3. I have missed you so much!!! Please post again! I need my videos of the girls! I like to pretend that they are just for me! ha!
    Love ya!

  4. well I love your posts too and it gives me an update of your daily lives as well. It keeps me in touch with you without us always having to talk on the phones... and that is hard with your kiddos and my kiddos at the same time. lol
    Love you guys and can't wait to read more posts!!

  5. I'm guilty- I read but haven't commented. And thanks for the suggestion about the Knudson Farm drinks. I tried the mint and it's good!

  6. Thank you girls! It was getting lonely in the blogging world ;)

  7. I'm very glad to see you posting, but I would like a photo EVERY DAY!!!! I'm not asking too much am i????

  8. Keep them coming Nat! I've missed reading what you're up to. The new pics of the girls put a big grin on this face today!