Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Find Friday...

Well, I would say that this week it was more like fun find out! It was fun to find out that we will be moving back to the Tulsa area.
We have started to imagine all of the possibilities... the areas to live, the friends we have missed, the play dates to line up, the new friends we will make in what ever area we decide. A lot to be excited about and thankful for. We have been gone for a year and we know we have missed out on so much. It is exciting to know that in a few months we will be settled in and enjoying our friends and family.
Soon we will have more details and official dates but for now it is still a little up in the air regarding the exact moving dates. We will keep you posted.

It's a short post this evening... before we go we wanted to wish everyone a peaceful Good Friday and a Happy Easter on Sunday... take care ;)

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