Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

We spent our first Christmas in Austin as a family.

Quick Disclaimer...Of course we missed everyone in Oklahoma/Arkansas/Louisiana etc...

But next year we say you ALL come to our house for Christmas!!!

Here are some things Garth and I made notes of to remember for next year...

When decorating for Christmas DO NOT decide to paint your entire house by yourself

Remember that shatter-proof ornaments DOES NOT mean UN-breakable (lost 4)

Make sure that the thermostat is set to a cool 68 degrees or your Gingerbread house WILL melt... better yet put on a coat and make it outside ;)

No matter what gift you get for each child they want what the other sibling got

Eggnog makes wrapping gifts fun

Strong Coffee Christmas morning

Here are a few moments that we captured we hope you enjoyed your Christmas and all of the fun moments together!


  1. I love love love this... Believe it or not I posted this once already I don't know why it didn't show up... Pegi saw it also and she thought it was cute. Love you all

  2. Oh my goodness that Christmas video put a serious lump in my throat. "giddy up, giddy up" with the cutest high pony tail. I just loved it! Thank you for sharing your Christmas memories with us. You guys are such a beautiful family.