Monday, August 3, 2009

Where has the summer gone???

So I looked up and it was August.

I realized our first summer in Texas is almost over... We got to experience the HOTTEST temperatures on record... THAT MEANS EVER. Lucky us.

I realized that Sophia is going to be a one year old in a short, short two months...

We celebrated 7 years of marriage in July...

We have had family from Texas and Oklahoma visit and we are expecting family from Arkansas this week!

We are counting our blessings and are thankful for the time we have together with family and friends.

Here are a few pictures of our activities...



  1. What! Her first coke and I didnt get to give it to her!!! lol! Oh how I miss the Renfrow girls! You are also going to have to teach me how to use my camera! Your pics are so good! <3 ya!

  2. The girls are so cute!! They have grown so much. Did you take the pictures with your new camera, what kind did you end up getting? How did Izzy like her first Coke? Darryl Paige loves to drink her daddy's coke, and it makes her so hyper... If you are giving camera lessons count me in too..

    Miss you guys & luv ya